With Bandivious Play, you, the Artist, can submit your music to be featured right here.  There is no need to hire a 3rd party or distributor to submit on your behalf.  With Bandivious Play, the power is with you and in your music. 


All you have to do is complete the submission form and payment information and your songs will be uploaded and featured on Bandivious Play, in alphabetical order and by Genre, for all the world to hear.

Your song(s) will be encoded with analytics which will allow you to track listens, shares and followers.  When one of your uploaded songs receives at least 1000 listens, it will be featured on Bandivious Radio. 

Bandivious Radio and Bandivious Play are divisions of Bandivious and Tru Rock Revival Magazine, with a combined 1.3 million readers/viewers per month and over 650,000 global subscribers. 



$.99 for 1 song

$1.99 for 2 songs

$2.99 for 3 to 5 songs


$7.99 for a 10 song album


A one time fee of $39.99

for unlimited songs for 1 year.


To submit your music to Bandivious Play, please complete this form.  

Payment Information

Please complete all sections and then press submit.  We will notify you when we receive your information.  You will not be charged until you approve your submission. 

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