Bandivious is the Platform for Unsigned and Newly Signed Rock Bands. 


We want Rock Music shouting out with a commanding voice, after so many legends have paved the way for the Rock 'n Roll community.


Rock musicians need instant access to the industry, without breaking their own banks before any profit shows up.

Investing is good, starving is not.


Bandivious is created by musicians, for musicians, to help promote Rock music on a global level.


Bandivious now also brings you Bandivious Radio, where your music will be featured, with over 200,000 listeners each month, and growing, and Bandivious Play, where you can have all of your music uploaded for pennies without the hassle of going through a third party distributor. 

Be part of our caring community.

Grow Rock Music with us.

Be Seen, Be Heard, live as the musician you were meant to be, with Bandivious. 

Returning the Independence to the Artist​


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